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A Patio Pond is the answer to what many Koi and fish owners desire. Koi are masterfully displayed and can be viewed and appreciated not just fom the top but from all angles. And if used on the patio, it is easier to maintain and more readily enjoyed by all.


These ponds may be used for all kinds of fish, reptiles, pets or even a dry desert landscape. Some restaurants use them as lobster or sea food tanks, and schools, colleges and museums use them for displays.

With koi (a plecostomus to keep the algae off the clear sides), guppies, lily pads, tadpoles and a water turtle, the patio pond is like its own living biosphere. It will give years of enjoyment and add beauty, fascination and a conversation piece, to your home or patio and offers protection from raccoons and water fowl that prey on most other types of ponds.

Most ponds and aquariums are made of prehistoric glass or concrete which can easily crack or shatter, and can be a constant headache to keep clean. But our PATIO PONDS™ and cylindrical ”SEA CYLINDER™” aquariums use the latest in technology and are composed of a high-tech polymer material that is shatter proof, easy to maintain, and will last forever. Our polymer material cylindrical ponds and aquariums are specifically designed to allow easy cleaning and convenient access while still providing a sturdy, secure environment.

Our aquariums can be produced in virtually any size or shape, but please allow 2 weeks for delivery. We also can make the outer clear walls in other colors.

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